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US - 12/5/14 9:21 AM
wrknomore: did you do it correctly? alot of times people dont
TN - 12/6/14 4:49 PM
midfethi: @maayoufiaymen : complete yr offers correctly :p
TN - 12/6/14 4:51 PM
maayoufiaymen: hhhhhh ok ok
TN - 12/6/14 4:51 PM
maayoufiaymen: i will try
TN - 12/6/14 4:51 PM
maayoufiaymen: there are some offers broken or what ?
PK - 12/6/14 7:14 PM
ghouri: dear admin
PK - 12/6/14 7:14 PM
ghouri: can i ask how to check my pending pts offers???
NL - 12/7/14 3:18 AM
jinx: @ghouri - go o PAID TO SIGNUP OFFERS. then BROWSE FOLDERS and sellect PENDING
NL - 12/7/14 3:19 AM
jinx: @maayoufiaymen - please report broken ads to our admin. create a trouble ticket and send us the names please
NL - 12/7/14 3:20 AM
jinx: many members don't confirm the signups and thats why we will denie them. read the newspage for all the info and rules.
NL - 12/7/14 3:21 AM
jinx: go to info in the menu and sellect NEWS
AU - 12/7/14 4:41 AM
AU - 12/7/14 4:41 AM
Asparilla: Back again! 8)
TN - 12/7/14 5:29 PM
maayoufiaymen: -0.0437 why i have that ? explain to me ?
PK - 12/7/14 8:42 PM
ghouri: thx admin
PK - 12/7/14 8:43 PM
ghouri: now i well about pts offer
PK - 12/7/14 8:43 PM
ghouri: my 1 pending and see all details
PK - 12/7/14 8:43 PM
ghouri: thx again for nice teach
PK - 12/7/14 9:04 PM
ghouri: admin pls teach me how to make a complain if pts offer is completed but amount not credit to main balance
PK - 12/7/14 9:05 PM
ghouri: because dec 4th join digadz and pts pending till the date.
PK - 12/7/14 9:05 PM
ghouri: thanks
PK - 12/7/14 9:05 PM
NP - 12/8/14 2:18 AM
samirpasa: the offers will be approved with in 5 days dont worry bro ptc corner admin is very good and active you can message to admin you have any problem
TN - 12/8/14 2:42 PM
maayoufiaymen: instantusd this offer broken
PK - 12/9/14 12:15 AM
ghouri: ty samirpasa, yup ur right i belive also ptc corner admin is very honnest, btw today i rcvd pts offer credit in my balance. thx again. ghouri
US - 12/9/14 9:34 AM
wrknomore: This has been a grat paying site for a long time..before doubting you should give it a shot... doubting does you no good...always been an honest admin here
IN - 12/10/14 12:07 PM
shrimacherla: Really honest and great admin.
AU - 12/11/14 4:35 AM
Asparilla: It's a great site... 8) Don't worry, Admin has been in the business a very long time and has a proven track record. :) Reliable, honest... ask anyone here, you'll get pretty much the same view... :D
IN - 12/11/14 11:39 AM
shrimacherla: Hye admin,thr"s some problem when i was clicking some it was showing some error, even though i tried to refresh the web page then too same error its showing.
IN - 12/11/14 11:40 AM
shrimacherla: sry when I was clicking ads.
AE - 12/13/14 12:22 AM
sylove: How long will my money on
US - 12/13/14 8:23 AM
wrknomore: Geez does No one on here take the time to READ .. the answers to all of yalls questions are on This site. ... if your not paying attention to the place your trying to mae money in the heck do expect to make anything?
AU - 12/13/14 1:28 PM
Asparilla: @sylove - Hi Sylove! :) PLEASE read NEWS and HELP (under INFO, on the Left-Hand Side of the site!) 8) This will tell u what u want to know AND MORE! ;)
NP - 12/16/14 2:27 AM
rabindrashah1122: dear admin why for nepal banded for new registration
AU - 12/17/14 9:57 PM
Asparilla: @rabindrashah1122 - Hi Rabindrashah! :) Send a TroubleTicket (left-hand side of site, hover over Info). Sometimes Admin has had to ban whole countries due to large numbers of fraudulent users from certain areas. Check with him to see if this is the case..
NP - 12/17/14 10:46 PM
rabindrashah1122: I have send TroubleTicket to admin in dec 13 but still admin has not reply to me so. Now a days All country has been block to registration?
AU - 12/19/14 1:22 AM
Asparilla: @rabindrashah1122 - Hi again Rabin! :) Admin gets pretty busy around this time of year (both online and particularly in the offline/real world ::) ) so that probably explains the delay in getting back to you - inundated with work... sorry. :'(
AU - 12/19/14 1:24 AM
Asparilla: @rabindrashah1122 - As for blocking countries - it's probably only a couple, if any, and that can change depending on the degree of fraudulent activity sent from trouble spots. I know Admin here and elsewhere review things if there's a change in activit
VN - 12/19/14 11:16 PM
newTstart: Merry Christmast? huh? :D
US - 12/20/14 8:47 AM
wrknomore: Yes Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and all the others too .. that has nothing to do with having to ban coutries because they are mostly cheaters . just is...all yall stop complaining on here and make money like i do..this is the gripyest chat box ive see
US - 12/20/14 8:47 AM
wrknomore: "chat box"
AU - 12/20/14 12:20 PM
Asparilla: @wrknomore - :)) Yes, we should all get back tp wprlk! 8) Start clicking everyone! :D And doing Offers! :))
NL - 12/21/14 2:02 AM
NL - 12/21/14 2:02 AM
berrevoets: Yes nepal is blocked because of many cheaters that cost us advertisers
NL - 12/21/14 2:03 AM
berrevoets: No advertisers no money
NP - 12/21/14 3:59 AM
rabindrashah1122: @berrevoets - hello bro can you describe me fully why nepali is a cheater. because you cannot claim too nepali people , if another people having a frud then why you punish me, if some body are doing scam then banded or report that account na ......
NL - 12/21/14 8:31 AM
jinx: its up to the admin to ban a country. When there is too much fraud coming from a country, then its very logic and normal to stop this
NL - 12/21/14 8:31 AM
jinx: advertisers are paying money to buy these signups and they want to make some profit. When thats not the case they will stay away
NL - 12/21/14 8:32 AM
jinx: somethimes you have to accept the rules even when you don;t like them
US - 12/21/14 10:43 AM
wrknomore: yep .. because that is life
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