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Shoutbox. English only
IN - 6/26/15 7:37 AM
shrimacherla: @Asparilla ,G'day !
US - 7/1/15 9:46 AM
wrknomore: Happy July Everyone!!
AF - 7/2/15 7:37 AM
sayedhassan: @ admin - dear admin when next perfect money cashouts would be I really need perfect money funds please let know thanks
AU - 7/3/15 3:38 AM
Asparilla: @sayedhassan - Hi Sayed! :) Once again, PLEASE don't post payment requests in the ShoutBox! ::) Payment information is supplied in the Info<News section. If you must, please send a ticket to Admin, but don't post here, ok?!? :)
AU - 7/4/15 1:30 PM
Asparilla: G'day everyone! 8)
RO - 7/5/15 3:33 AM
AU - 7/5/15 1:12 PM
Asparilla: @jaleruc - Hi Jaleruc! :) Cold nights here... a little rain today too (it's winter!) Days are not too bad... Hope ur not having the same heatwave as London and other parts of Europe...
RO - 7/6/15 4:30 PM
jaleruc: Asparilla- here is very very warm. And is only the beginning of this warm weather. But is summer!!
RO - 7/6/15 4:33 PM
jaleruc: I was for two we in London and was not warm like in Romania
AU - 7/7/15 10:55 AM
Asparilla: @jaleruc - Wow! And yes, we too laugh at what England calls a "heatwave"8| :-))8-) But I think this time they are feeling it pretty bad - and in Switzerland! I guess their homes are built for the cold (ours aren't) so they really suffer in the
AU - 7/7/15 11:03 AM
Asparilla: heat...
US - 7/7/15 12:03 PM
swogden: Is there a problem with your server? Response time is very slow.
AU - 7/8/15 6:03 AM
Asparilla: @swogden - Not having a problem DownUnder.. maybe there was heavy traffic earlier. Try again and post if u are still having lag...
US - 7/8/15 12:11 PM
swogden: working fine now
RO - 7/8/15 12:14 PM
jaleruc: my daughter is in London and is not so warm as they say but is very warm compare other summer. In the rest of Europe even the house are not built for warm weather we have air conditioners. And in Swizerland is mountin, a lot of green and the warm not feel
RO - 7/8/15 12:14 PM
jaleruc: my english is not so good
AF - 7/9/15 12:48 AM
sayedhassan: @ admin - dear admin I've opened trouble ticket about pending perfect money withdrawals kindly check it out thanks
EG - 7/10/15 5:08 AM
ricardoo: please check my trouble ticket
AU - 7/12/15 12:07 AM
Asparilla: @swogden - :D
AU - 7/12/15 12:08 AM
Asparilla: @jaleruc - Yes! Totally agree! But too, this is an unusual summer for the Swiss... (And your English is just fine! Great, in fact! 8) ) :D
EG - 7/12/15 6:26 AM
ricardoo: please check my trouble ticket
AF - 7/12/15 7:16 AM
sayedhassan: @ admin - dear admin why you're not replying my trouble ticket about pending payments why perfect money cashouts are delayed its being 13 days my payment is pending please complete it now today thanks
US - 7/12/15 1:12 PM
wrknomore: dear sayedhassan .. you have been on this site long enough to know the terms
US - 7/12/15 1:13 PM
wrknomore: pls stop your constant complaining. i never complain and always get paid .. if you dont like the way one payment processor goes try another
US - 7/12/15 1:14 PM
wrknomore: But PLZ stop all your unnecessary complaints .. you know the site .. you know they pay ... so work and shut up plz
AU - 7/13/15 8:00 AM
Asparilla: @sayedhassan - ::) Sayed, PLEASE... What is SO HARD to UnDeRsTaNd?!?! ::) YOU KNOW the terms of this site - your payment is NOT late. You have ALWAYS been paid, like the REST OF US. You are No DiFfErEnT... Please don't post about payments in the ShoutB
AU - 7/13/15 8:01 AM
Asparilla: ShoutBox...
AU - 7/13/15 8:04 AM
Asparilla: YOU are very welcome here, but your continuous "demands" and nagging are not... (And please re-read NEWS [left-hand side, mouse-over INFO) 8)
US - 7/13/15 8:52 AM
jlandis: Exactly! Please stop trying to bully the admin into paying you ahead of the queue. Your turn will come -- within terms.
BG - 7/13/15 1:13 PM
hpanka: I have received my 3rd payment by paypal. Thanks admin
AU - 7/14/15 11:38 AM
US - 7/15/15 8:02 AM
US - 7/19/15 12:11 AM
buchananchris: Why don't some of you follow the instructions of what you need to do for a paid to signup?
AU - 7/19/15 5:49 AM
Asparilla: @buchananchris - Lol!! THAT would be great! 8) Then everyone would be doing the right thing - make it easy to pay and be paid! ;) Everything would run smoothly... HaPpY EvErYoNe!!! :D
PK - 7/19/15 8:40 PM
sprite: server so slow
PK - 7/19/15 8:41 PM
sprite: admin pls check/thx
AU - 7/22/15 6:00 AM
Asparilla: @sprite - Happens at times... when there's a lot of activity and/or many sites are directed here... Should be ok by now... Just check again later if it happens again! :)
IN - 7/22/15 8:07 AM
shrimacherla: @sprite dont worry admin of this site is too active ,He will defenetely resolve your issue.
US - 7/22/15 8:42 AM
wrknomore: @buchananchris .. i agree .. but some just dont want to get paid for their efforts i think lol'
US - 7/22/15 11:36 AM
buchananchris: 7 signups, 7 denied because you did not do what your supposed to do.
AU - 7/23/15 2:50 PM
Asparilla: Yes, so important to read the requirements and then follow through accordingly... THEN things go more smoothly, and everybody does their part and all reap the benefits. :)
PK - 7/25/15 5:12 AM
PK - 7/26/15 11:01 PM
durainxyz: hi all
US - 7/27/15 4:36 PM
slicksmom1997: Payment received. ty
AU - 7/29/15 5:46 AM
Asparilla: @slicksmom1997 - One of the BEST Sites! 8)
US - 7/29/15 6:40 PM
slicksmom1997: @Asparilla love this site
AU - 7/31/15 2:33 AM
Asparilla: @slicksmom1997 - Ditto! :))
US - 7/31/15 10:54 AM
MA - 8/1/15 3:20 PM
lematin55: thank you admin ... new payment ...:-d:-d:-d
AU - 8/2/15 12:49 PM
Asparilla: @lematin55 - SuPeR!!! :))
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