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AU - 2/14/15 10:19 AM
Asparilla: @cena786 - Hi Cena! :) Just check under "Info" (left-hand side of the site) and then HELP>Withdraw... The info you are looking for is there, under 3. When Do You Pay Me 8)
AU - 2/14/15 10:20 AM
Asparilla: @cena786 - Take a look around the site, get to know it better... It's well worth it! :) Most answers are in the INFO section, under NEWS and/or HELP! :)
AU - 2/14/15 10:21 AM
Asparilla: @cena786 - This site is great! :) U'll have no worries... stick around! :D
AU - 2/14/15 10:25 AM
Asparilla: @cena786 - PS :? Payments are usually sooner than the stated terms, but occasionally there's hiccups, Admin's extremely busy, and Affiliates are a little late in paying - But all good, everyone I see here's really happy - real good site! 8)
EG - 2/15/15 9:02 AM
moustafa12: please i need to know when the site will pay me ?
EG - 2/15/15 9:04 AM
moustafa12: how many days should i wait to recieve my money on the account ?
US - 2/15/15 10:26 AM
wrknomore: moustafa12 how bout you read the terms on the site ..it would tell you. this Is a good paying site and has been for a long long time
EG - 2/15/15 6:44 PM
awawelabas: hello all guys .=)
EG - 2/15/15 6:45 PM
awawelabas: how can i play at EGOPAY CASINO.. could anyone tell me ?
AU - 2/16/15 11:06 AM
Asparilla: @awawelabas - Hi Awawelabas! :)
AU - 2/16/15 11:08 AM
Asparilla: @awawelabas - Sorry, can't help u with that - (but common sense says you're better of at sites like PTC Corner where u can do a little "easy" work and earn something for your efforts, rather than gain off others losses... ;) U can tell I don'
AU - 2/16/15 11:10 AM
Asparilla: *don't gamble, or think it's a good/fair idea, right?!? ;) ) IMHO, stick to the real honest stuff, like this site and doing surveys, signups etc. U can do that here just fine! 8)
AU - 2/16/15 11:12 AM
Asparilla: @awawelabas - (Just my thoughts, for what they're worth... :-?::-):-?
AU - 2/18/15 6:00 AM
Asparilla: Halloo from the Land DownUnder!!! 8)
US - 2/19/15 8:00 AM
wrknomore: well a big Howdy back to ya from Texas, usa!
US - 2/19/15 8:02 AM
wrknomore: I have always wanted to visit the downunder i think it would be awesome
AU - 2/19/15 9:03 AM
Asparilla: @wrknomore - Lol! It's not bad... actually, it's pretty wonderful... Just sometimes we take it for granted and thing everywhere, actually ANYWHERE else, is better... We complain about the little things... 8|:-?
AU - 2/19/15 9:05 AM
Asparilla: @wrknomore - The natural parts are beautiful - beaches, outback, rainforests... reefs... 8) But long distances between things to see anything different! ;) Can drive the equivalent of another country to get to the next scenery change! :? :))
US - 2/19/15 9:10 AM
wrknomore: wow ... it sounds much Bigger than Texas and we have some big distances .. maybe one day i can see the beautiful things you see .. actually all of my ptc earnings go for travel ... but it will take a while to get to the outback lol
AU - 2/19/15 9:14 AM
Asparilla: @wrknomore - Lol! Bigger than Texas, for sure! (If that's possible! 8) ) It's actually 11.05 times bigger! :o
AU - 2/19/15 9:15 AM
Asparilla: Oz (7,692,024 km²;)
AU - 2/19/15 9:15 AM
Asparilla: Texas (696,241 km²;)
AU - 2/19/15 9:16 AM
Asparilla: Sorry, don't know Miles... :?
US - 2/19/15 9:16 AM
wrknomore: Wow! glad its on my bucket list :)
AU - 2/19/15 9:18 AM
Asparilla: Some of our bigger farms are the size of whole countries even... :o Have to be, cos the soil is so poor and it takes a lot of land to make cropping and sheep/cattle-grazing viable...
AU - 2/19/15 9:19 AM
Asparilla: @wrknomore - Yes! :D You have to see it... the Eastern side is full of things to see and do - and lots of people... the West, where I am, is far away from everything (and everyone ::) ) but our beaches are amazing!
US - 2/19/15 9:21 AM
wrknomore: guess every rose does have a thorn. ..well the day i get to go i plan on visiting both sides .. gotta see it all .. but where there are fewer people sounds the best to me :) .. well i better get busy earning .. im itching to travel again:-d
AU - 2/20/15 9:41 PM
AU - 2/20/15 9:41 PM
US - 2/21/15 9:30 AM
wrknomore: How did the farmer find his wife? He Tractor down lol
AU - 2/22/15 12:53 AM
Asparilla: @wrknomore - HaHa! Good one! :))
US - 2/23/15 8:50 AM
otaku123: Hi all
AU - 2/23/15 10:09 AM
Asparilla: @otaku123 - G'day Otaku! :)
DZ - 2/23/15 6:15 PM
zima: how it work
DZ - 2/25/15 3:44 AM
manar: lllll
AF - 2/25/15 10:39 PM
sayedhassan: @ jinx - dear admin why Egopay payments are delayed other payment processors kindly please complete Egopay payments in following days I really need Egopay funds thanks allot
PK - 2/26/15 1:25 AM
kamrankg: hi admin
PK - 2/26/15 1:25 AM
kamrankg: admin u remember my pending payout?
PK - 2/26/15 1:25 AM
kamrankg: almost 30 days passed i think
PK - 2/26/15 1:26 AM
kamrankg: kindly chdeck pls
PK - 2/26/15 1:26 AM
kamrankg: kamrankg
AU - 2/26/15 11:10 AM
Asparilla: @kamrankg - Hiya! :) Remember to check the NEWS about payments... AND if u want/need more info - PLEASE, just send a TT (Trouble Ticket) to Admin. Please DON'T use the ShoutBox to ask about payments. ::)
AU - 2/26/15 11:14 AM
Asparilla: If u checked the NEWS: ;) "Payments will be done within 30 days of your request."
AU - 2/26/15 11:16 AM
Asparilla: Your request is still within the time frame... 8) U know this site is really good, u always get paid... and paid well! :D
AU - 2/27/15 1:57 AM
CZ - 2/27/15 5:49 AM
marusdole: Thanks you payment :-d:-d
EG - 2/27/15 11:15 AM
moustafa12: excuse me , i have 3.14$ and i didn't found the paypal option
AU - 2/27/15 2:12 PM
Asparilla: @moustafa12 - Hiya! :) Send a TT/Support ticket to Admin - I think you have to Upgrade to use PayPal... Also, PayPal is not available in every country, so check to see if it's available for u in Egypt... From the PayPal Forum, it looks like it's not rel
AU - 2/27/15 2:13 PM
Asparilla: *not reliable/or available all the time.
AU - 2/27/15 2:15 PM
Asparilla: Best to use other methods available to you! :)
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