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Shoutbox. English only
TN - 9/3/14 3:16 PM
kinggrumpy: i need a explain or i will repport you as a scam
TN - 9/3/14 3:18 PM
kinggrumpy: @jinx answer me cause i am so angry what i have done
TN - 9/3/14 3:21 PM
MA - 9/3/14 7:32 PM
lematin55: in order to regain access to your account, you will need to use the forgot password feature on the site, in order to reset your password and login to the site again.
NL - 9/3/14 11:14 PM
jinx: @kinggrumpy - don't know what your talking about because these is nothing wrong with your account.
NL - 9/3/14 11:15 PM
jinx: @kinggrumpy - report as scam: yeah, waste your time
NL - 9/3/14 11:16 PM
jinx: This is for all our members: we are paying on time, we approve the signups on time
NL - 9/3/14 11:16 PM
jinx: we fix all the problems on time
NL - 9/3/14 11:17 PM
jinx: we help our members with our support
NL - 9/3/14 11:17 PM
NL - 9/3/14 11:20 PM
jinx: this has to stop now. We are living in a civilized world, so behave yourself
TN - 9/4/14 2:40 AM
kinggrumpy: thinks for calling me idiot but why my account is banned
TN - 9/4/14 2:46 AM
hamidsheh: :p i am sorry jins i freak out i declare for all members i was wrong about this site sorry and thinks admin (jinx)
NP - 9/4/14 3:36 AM
bhimsen: hi! is there any problem yesterday i worked on this site now shown me invalid id i clicked on i forget password then i changed
IN - 9/4/14 8:31 AM
shrimacherla: hey any prob with site
IN - 9/4/14 8:31 AM
shrimacherla: i logged in
IN - 9/4/14 8:32 AM
shrimacherla: but says wrong pass word
IN - 9/4/14 8:32 AM
shrimacherla: so i clicked on forgot password
IN - 9/4/14 8:32 AM
shrimacherla: so they mailed me password
IN - 9/4/14 8:32 AM
shrimacherla: shd i need to change again my password
IN - 9/4/14 8:33 AM
shrimacherla: or shd it remain?
US - 9/4/14 9:03 AM
jlandis: Same thing happened to my account. Log in with the one you get by email, then you can change it to something you can remember better. That's what I did, and it worked fine.
IN - 9/4/14 9:25 AM
shrimacherla: so how to change
TN - 9/4/14 11:06 AM
hamidsheh: i had the same problem yesterday i think his transferring his db to another one
MA - 9/4/14 7:40 PM
lematin55: @shrimacherla - easy to do ... go members .. edit account ... edit password
IN - 9/5/14 3:26 AM
shrimacherla: thanx lematin
IN - 9/5/14 3:27 AM
shrimacherla: changed the password and it worked
PK - 9/5/14 8:32 PM
spkhan: hi friends
US - 9/8/14 8:03 AM
wrknomore: morning
DZ - 9/10/14 6:31 AM
jojozmaz: does any one ,know how to get a paypal urgent loan ?
US - 9/10/14 8:29 AM
wrknomore: didnt know there was such a thing
US - 9/11/14 7:14 PM
RBurger: paypal doesn't offer that but they do have there own credit card to people in United States I don't know about any other country
AU - 9/14/14 11:32 AM
Asparilla: Phew! Back! 8)
DZ - 9/14/14 2:52 PM
jojozmaz: can any one borrow me 100$ ??will deposit any needed official papers by fax
DZ - 9/14/14 2:54 PM
jojozmaz: and will return it in 2 months ,since am jobless;i work via internet in such sites
AU - 9/15/14 1:24 PM
Asparilla: @jojozmaz - Hi JoJo! Sorry to hear ur in need... The best thing to do is to talk to family and friends... they are the best ones to help u. They know u personally and can maybe help u other ways too.
AU - 9/16/14 3:50 AM
ID - 9/16/14 5:50 AM
raturn: @jojozmaz if you need borrow check this site bit[.]cur[.]lv[/]borrowbtc min 1 BTC fee 2,5% per month
ID - 9/16/14 5:51 AM
raturn: remove []
ID - 9/16/14 5:52 AM
raturn: anyone can tell me this site scam? or no? in my wot ranks this site very poor rates
AU - 9/16/14 6:37 AM
Asparilla: @raturn - This site, PTCCorner, is great! :) Always paid... Great Admin... Knew him from another site he ran - very decent guy; just follow the rules and u will do well! :)
US - 9/16/14 10:03 AM
wrknomore: excellent site ..been paid many times
ID - 9/17/14 12:49 AM
raturn: Min payout?
DZ - 9/17/14 5:50 AM
jojozmaz: 2.5$ for payza ,and 2$ for paypal
AU - 9/17/14 11:41 AM
Asparilla: Don't forget to read NEWS on the left-hand side of the site, under INFO... for other things u need to know! :D
ZA - 9/17/14 1:10 PM
maurice4u: great site. Paid many times without problems. One of the best.
MA - 9/17/14 7:37 PM
lematin55: @maurice4u - yes ptccorner is a big honest GPT
AU - 9/18/14 4:44 AM
ID - 9/18/14 5:57 AM
raturn: but what mean of pending payout at down footer? Pending :$128.00
AU - 9/18/14 6:53 AM
Asparilla: @raturn - Members have cashed out and are awaiting payment as per terms spelled out in the NEWS section. :D Very good! 8)
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